Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Food Pyramid Update: Early Summer edition

Maybe Archie Bunker had it right all along:

"Meat and potato diet 'reduces risk of lung cancer by half"

Turns out, there's a vitamin, present in high doses in foods like meat and potatoes, fish and even whole grains that can have a profound effect in reducing the risk of lung cancer.

Even among smokers!

Just cutting out the cigs isn't enough, though: piling on the burgers and taters could reduce the chances of contracting lung cancer by an amazing 50%.

The secret ingredient: Vitamin B6.

But beware, just loading up on the vitamin itself doesn't seem to do the trick:

"Paul Brennan, of IARC [the International Agency for Research on Cancer] ... rejected suggestions that people should take supplements to boost levels of the vitamin. "We have had several bad experiences in the past with supplements. Twenty years ago, beta-carotene was given to people with lung cancer and found to increase, not decrease, deaths. I doubt if trials with supplements will go ahead."

To the drive-through, stat!
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