Sunday, December 20, 2009

Health Care "Reform:" Content Warning Version

This is awkward. On the one hand, as a "family friendly" site, we attempt to keep things as clean as possible. Certainly, we don't allow obscenities in our comments, nor do we avail ourselves of them in our posts. And when we do "push the envelope," it's done with a sense of humor and decorum.

So I'm ambivalent about the video below [ed: I've decided to "pull" the embedded version - the video can be viewed here]: it is unquestionably in poor taste, bordering on the obscene. But it is also an outstanding insight into the minds of at least some of those pushing for "reform." In the end, I'll leave it to our readers' judgment as to whether or not they wish to view the video, and I'll take full responsibility for inclusion at IB.:

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