Sunday, December 20, 2009

Deny, deny, deny

OK, we’ve seen this kind of thing before.

Believe it or not, the DENIAL problem is worse than you think.

It occurred to me today whilst buying gas, that when I pre-pay my $30 the pump always shuts off at exactly $30 – even if my tank isn’t full yet!

Exxon-Mobil DENIES me gas!

I’m telling you, this is how gas stations in Connecticut and all over America ROUTINELY DENY gas to motorists!

What’s worse, we are DENIED gas WHEN WE NEED IT MOST!

Righteous indignation! Outrage!! Snippiness!!!

This widespread DENIAL of gas shows that the country must have a public gasoline option.

This means GOVERNMENT-SUBSIDIZED gas stations where everyone is always GUARANTEED a FULL TANK for a FIXED PRICE.

The public-option gas stations will give the oil companies some COMPETITION - for a change.

Oh, I know, some crackpots will claim competition from a public option will be unfair and will drive the private gas stations and oil companies out of business.

But they're just crackpots. Besides, who needs the gasoline companies, anyway?

Don't believe those crackpots. Let your Congressional representative and your Senators know that you DEMAND a PUBLIC GASOLINE OPTION.
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