Saturday, October 17, 2009

Obamacare Pork

Obamacare will expand welfare (Medicaid) roles to provide coverage for the uninsured. Most states will have to increase taxes to pay for the surging Medicaid recipients.

Notice I said MOST states.

According to the Christian Science Monitor at least four states will have their Medicaid bills paid for by Washington.
Last month, Reid improved the health bill for Nevada by winning assurances that Nevada would be one of only four states to be fully funded by the federal government for the first five years of expansion of Medicaid – a key element in plans to expand health coverage.

This is the same Harry Reid who said $54 BILLION is not a lot of money.

Seems Sen. Reid isn't real popular in his home state of Nevada and is polling in the mid 30's heading towards the election next year. You don't suppose ole Harry is trying to BUY an election with OUR money do you?


No word on who the other 3 states are that will be paid off to support Obamacare.
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