Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hope and Change: Presidential Vision Edition

And so The Won has (finally!) decided to share with us, the unwashed masses [ed: hey, speak for yourself! I took a shower this week] his grand vision for health care (and/or insurance) "reform." Which is nice, after all, since he's spent the past 9 months deferring the design of this "plan" to his congressional colleagues.
Who, despite a clear majority in the House and a fillibuster-proof Senate for most of that time, still couldn't manage to solve this particular "crisis." But I digress.
Since congressional rocket surgeons couldn't agree on a plan, it finally devolved to our President to pause from voting "present" long enough to put down in writing what he has envisioned. The problem, of course, is that he has a nearly insurmaountable obstacle: he promised a plan that would cut costs, increase both efficiency and choice, and which would not break the budget.
I'm reminded of an old axiom: "You can have it fast, you can have it cheap, you can have it good. Pick any two." And it appears that he's decided that the one to be left out is the so-called Public Option:
Of course, just because The Won doesn't "insist" on this boondoggle doesn't mean that it's dead in the water. In fact, the Congress could (and probably would) simply add it back in during the "reconciliation" process (where the House and Senate versions are stitched together to make one law). The point, though, is that our Health Care Czar-in-Chief is finally deigning to share with us what he'd like to see. How that will go is anybody's guess, but at least we'll have a better idea of how far he's willing to go to cripple our health care system.
UPDATE, OTB Edition: The Politico article mentions that The Won will be giving "a major speech as soon as next week;" perhaps, as so often with this administration, a prime-time version (which costs the networks revenue and turns away viewers). In anticipation of that event, here's a little poll: free polls
Since the President has already thrown tonsillectomies and ampututations under the bus, which medical procedure do you think he'll call out next?
Hip replacement Botoxification Heart cath Dialysis Lasik
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