Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Gruel: It's What's for Dinner (Courtesy of the MVNHS©)

If you're a hungry Englishman, it appears that you'll eat far better as a criminal than a patient:
According to Dr John Edwards [ed: no, not that John Edwards], the problems include:
■ patients aren't eating enough (and the staff aren't paying attention to that)
■ because services are so fragmented, there is little (if any) follow-up by medical staff
■ "trays are removed by cleaning staff so doctors do not know how much was eaten"
In short, it appears that these facilities just don't seem to care how well (or poorly) their patients are eating, leading to malnourishment and hindering recovery.
So, health care is free under the MVNHS©, but apparently health isn't.
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