Tuesday, March 31, 2009

InsureBlog on the Road

InsureBlog posts are often found in the MOST interesting places. Here are two this week - -

1. Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted by
Wide Open Wallet, features a classic post from InsureBlog’s own Bob Vineyard. How would feel about a $1 surcharge to your bill to help your waiter buy health insurance?

Find Bob by scrolling down to Budgeting and Saving - and while you're there, read the whole thing.

2. Grand Rounds is hosted by
Running a Hospital - this one is grand and it’s certainly round – as in fully-packed. The theme: transparency in the delivery of clinical care. It is a looong and thought-provoking Grand Rounds and once again InsureBlog is a contributor:

InsureBlog's Henry Stern tells the true story of the Italian doc whose dedication to his patient overrode his own immediate health crisis.

Scroll down to Hank’s entry and, as above, enjoy your read along the way.
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