Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Video Bonus Round!

Aside from passing references, we haven't written much on Humana. Perhaps that's because they've been relatively well-behaved, and thus stayed out of our sights. That may be a good thing, and this definitely is: Humana's launched a new PR drive to help educate the public about ways we can help control health care costs. As regular readers know, this is key to holding down health insurance costs. The carrier's rolling out a series of 10 educational videos "designed to deliver guidance, and to support awareness and understanding of the healthcare industry."
The first one is entitled "Why is Healthcare So Expensive?" Since we've recently done several posts on this very topic (here and here, for example), this seems quite the timely addition:
We'd be very interested in any feedback on this, especially whether our readers found it interesting and/or helpful, and whether we should continue to post them as they come out.
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