Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Okay, not really the AARP (that's an American thing), but ailing English seniors in general. The MVNHS© (Britain's "Much Vaunted" National Health Service) has taken aim - again - at its seasoned citizens, opting to deny them needed health care:
Seems that Parliament was considering new legislation that would ban health care discrimination based on age. But that's now on hold for at least another year and a half, leaving elder Britons without protection against the kinds of shenanigans for which the MVNHS is so famous. In a move reminiscent of our own brilliant governing class, the "Minister of State for Care Services said the Government will set up an advisory group to look at the issues around age discrimination in health and social care."
But of course: a committee!
And also of course, said committee will use the next 18 months to study the issue, and then (perhaps) issue some guidelines and/or recommendations, which may or may not be implemented some time iin the hazy, distant future.
Which doesn't do sickly seniors much good [ed: maybe that's the point?]
I'll leave the last word to His Right Honorable Phil Hope (the aforementioned Minister), who provides the most authentic example of genuine gummint-speak we've seen in quite a while:
"The Government will undertake consultation on possible exceptions to the ban on harmful age discrimination (in health and social care) taking account of the findings of the advisory group when it has completed its work."
Couldn't have said it better myself, Gabby.
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