Sunday, September 07, 2008

In Vino: An Update

Back in June, we reported that researchers at the University of Wisconsin had made a helpful discovery:
The latest issue of Discover magazine [ed: sorry, no link to the article yet] has more on this exciting news:
"(T)he latest elixir to promise longer life - a molecule found in red wine - continues to surprise skeptics...In the past five years, that compound, resveratrol, has been shown to slow aging in worms, flies and mice."
(Sorry, worms, Tequila doesn't have any)
Scientists have even produced a synthetic version, which displays similar results.
And Big Pharma's buying into it (literally!): GlaxoSmith Kline recently bought a start-up, Sirtris, which has created some of those synthetics. GSK ponied up over $700 million for the company, which plans to have a version on the market within 10 years.
I imagine that'll make Bob happy: he'll be able to pay for his Merlot with his HSA.
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