Thursday, June 05, 2008

Healthy Update: Good news/Good news

First up, a Japanese gentleman was diagnosed with a large, potentially dangerous, softball-sized abdominal tumor. Surgery was scheduled, the gentleman was prepped, and surgeons began the delicate task of removing the...
Turns out, the erstwhile patient had had some minor surgery in 1983, and those surgeons apparently forgot one of the prime rules of the OR: count your stuff!
Next, regular readers know that we've been keeping tabs on the health benefits of certain adult beverages. Well, researchers at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) have determined that:
As allicin is to garlic, resveratrol ("a natural compound believed to protect the heart against the effects of aging") is to red wine. Since it can be isolated, apparently some folks are bypassing the glass of wine altogether, and opting for what one supposes would be called "the little red pill" (careful with that, fellas).
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