Monday, September 29, 2008

Food Pyramid Alert: Cocoa No-No

Last Spring, Bob touted chocolate's many benefits for expectant mothers, and a year earlier I reported on its ability to lower blood pressure. There's a fine line though, between low BP and no BP:
Turns out, some of the "milk" in Cadbury's "milk chocolate" came from China, and has been found to be tainted with melamine, "which is used to make plastics and fertilizer," but doesn't seem to have a place in candy-making.
The British sweets giant isn't alone in its concern: "(T)wo U.S. food makers were investigating Indonesian claims that high traces of melamine were found in Chinese-made Oreos, M&Ms and Snickers."
Cookies and candy bars? I may have to switch to 'Nilla Wafers and Marshmallow Fluff.
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