Monday, April 28, 2008

Ferlini Update

Some of our regular readers may recall a piece we did way back in 2006 about the uninsured. This particular piece involved a man (Carlos Ferlini) who was injured in a fall while replacing gutters on a home in California.

We were commenting on (reacting to) a story by 60 Minutes about the "plight" of the uninsured in America.

Since that post appeared, we have been in semi-regular contact with the homeowner. It seems that Mr. Ferlini, through his attorney, have sought retribution through the courts to recover at least a portion of Mr. Ferlini's financial loss.

The case is still being litigated, so we are not at liberty to disclose most of the particulars. But here are some facts that are public knowledge via the media and public court documents.

Mr. Ferlini was self employed as one who installs and repairs gutters.

At the time of his injury, Mr. Ferlini claimed to earn "about $50,000" per year.

Mr. Ferlini did not have workers comp or health insurance at the time of the accident. Nor was he licensed to perform the kind of work he was doing.

Mr. Ferlini incurred almost $250,000 in billed charges after he fell off the roof while attempting repairs.

Mr. Ferlini has sued the homeowner and the homeowners insurance carrier for $450,000. The case is in litigation and has not (yet) gone to trial.

Did I mention that Mr. Ferlini is in the United States as an illegal alien?

What a country.
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