Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Class Warfare

For some reason there seems to be an uproar of contempt for those who have "done well" by societal standards. The MSM and politicians alike want to stress the difference in the "privileged" class vs. the poor.

This is especially true when it comes to health care.

Those who have the ability to pay receive better care and therein lies the rub.

Did I mention this is an emotion that is not limited to the states?

Dr Michael Coglin, chief medical officer of Healthscope, which runs 40 private hospitals, said Ms Roxon must act to end the recruitment trend that is putting private patients in public beds ahead of non-insured patients.

"Private patients who spend two or three thousand dollars a year for private health insurance which gives them the means to access a world-class private hospital system are being promoted at the expense of the majority in the community - the 57% who are uninsured who are totally reliant on the public hospital system for access for much needed treatment," he said

Private patients, who are willing to pay extra for their care, are being tarred and feathered.


Dr Coglin said it was "scandalous" that private patients were "blocking the beds" in public hospitals when 38,000 people were waiting for treatment. "The 57% of Victorians that don't have private health insurance have no choice but to wait in the queue for access to the public hospital beds - it's inequitable," he said.


And how is this for a defense?

"Private hospitals don't offer the range of procedures that can be undertaken in public hospitals and some privately insured patients have to be treated in the public system," he said.

Class warfare exists even in areas with taxpayer funded medicine.
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