Monday, March 31, 2008


Everyone knows what happens if you get behind on your car payment.

The repo man comes along and takes the car back. Heck, we even had an insurance carrier get into the "take back" game by repossessing a bionic arm.

But now the car lenders have a new device to protect their interest should you decide to stop making payments.

They zap your car so it won't run.

A light on the plastic box flashes when a payment is due. If the payment isn't made and the resulting code punched in to reset the box, the vehicle won't start. The next step is a visit from the repo man.

This is not good.

So what does this have to do with insurance?

Nothing really . . . yet . . .

But let's just say . . . you have a medical emergency and require immediate care. The ER, hospital & docs are obligated to treat you regardless of ability to pay under EMTALA guidelines.

You do not have insurance.

The providers agree to bill you and even work out payments.

Then something comes along and rather than making payments on a medical bill you decide instead to buy a new SUV.

Then the light on your body begins to flash. Unless you catch up your payments the hospital sends out the repo man to take back the pacemaker . . .

OK. Maybe a bit far-fetched but hey, it could happen.
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