Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh, Do Behave!

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In his Austin Powers films, Mike Myers often jibes the Brits for their lack of emphasis on dental hygiene. While some may consider that a bit of a stretch, consider this:
Play to pay?
MVNHS© dentists are given strict quotas about how many patients they can treat, and once that's met, it's off to the golf course. We tend to think of health care rationing in terms of MRI's, chemo and surgical procedures, but it obviously extends to dental, as well:
"Patients have been told they must either pay privately or return in April when the new work year begins. People suffering from toothache have been advised to go to hospital."
And of course, we know that the MVNHS© hospitals are overcrowded and understaffed already, so this will merely exacerbate that problem.
Maybe an ice pack?
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