Monday, October 15, 2007

You Cannot Be Turned Down

When contemplating moving to a different state, people generally consider how much it will cost to buy or rent a home and cover daily expenses. But if you need to buy private health insurance, you also should factor in medical expenses.

Many people overlook this. One of the issues of employer provided health insurance.

The MacMahons' move to New Mexico appeared to make sound financial sense. It is generally cheaper to buy a house in New Mexico than in New York, and the cost of living is lower. Plus, the average monthly premium for single health-care policies, at $165, is among the lowest in the U.S. New York's average is $312, the third highest after Massachusetts and New Jersey.

New Mexico has some of the lowest prices for health insurance. Wonder why?

However, in New York, insurers are required to charge all consumers the same or very similar premiums without regard to such factors as age, gender or health status.


So a similar policy costs $312 in N.Y. vs. $165 in N.M.

Is this the face of universal health insurance?
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