Monday, October 15, 2007

And So It Goes . . .

Tanya Rider, 33, spent more than a week trapped in a ravine off State Route 169. It's believed she ran off the road Sept. 20 while on her way home to Maple Valley from working overnight at a Bellevue Fred Meyer store

Missing for more than a week. Amazing she survived.

Tom Rider said that, though he has health insurance through work, his wife does not because she just recently started her jobs.

He has a job and health insurance.

She has a new job and no health insurance.

OK, what is missing here?

The Riders were working two jobs each to save money for a house.

Just another of the 45M or so who are uninsured.

People make decisions and choices. Sometimes it works in their favor, sometimes not.

Life is a gamble.
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