Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lying with Numbers...

Over the years, we've had our own doubts about that ubiquitous "45 million uninsured." For one thing, "uninsured" doesn't mean "without access to healthcare." For another, that number has always been a "snapshot:" it's never the same (alleged) 45 million folks from year to year (or even month to month).
And now, thanks to Junk Yard Dog blog, we learn that the number itself is (no real surprise to IB readers), ahem, "inflated:"
"Ooops" for sure.
What that means is that even if we take that "45 million" at face value (which is dubious, at best), less than 80% of those are actual, real Americans. The rest are simply skipping out on the healthcare available in their own countries.
That's a big "Oops."
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