Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Low Cost Health Insurance

Everyone is talking about changes in health care coverage that must come about if our society is going to survive. There are calls to get rid of insurance companies. Their huge profits and excessive salaries are the cause of the high cost of health care. People are clamoring for the government to do something to save us.

Heck, there is even a film about how bad health care is in this country . . .

Well I decided to do a little searching on my own and guess what I found. There is a plan that covers everything for less than $2000 per year.

So what do you get for that kind of money?

Just about anything you need.

Complete coverage for everything including medicine. Most pre-existing conditions are covered after a waiting period.

There are some downsides such as asking you to provide a urine sample in a mayonnaise jar, having to wait in line to see a doctor, waiting in line to have X-rays or lab work. If you have an unanticipated medical need (but non-emergency) in the middle of the day you will be lectured about why you didn't show up at 7:30 in the morning. Eventually you will be seen.

Almost everyone who has a job receives coverage at no charge to them.

So what's the catch?

You may have to travel a bit to receive coverage. You will be required to use state run facilities if you want to receive full benefits. And it helps if you speak Spanish.

Want more details?

Look here, here and especially here.

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