Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cavalcade of Risk: 1st Anniversary Edition

As our good friend Julie pointed out a few weeks ago, the 26th bi-weekly edition could have been considered our anniversary issue, as well. But I tend to look at these things in terms of time passing, and it was a year ago this week that we published the first Cav.
We've come a long way since then, with lots of great hosts, and I want to thank each of you for your help and support, and your willingness to help out. I'm really looking forward to this coming year, as well, as more folks jump on our mailing and hosting lists.
As CoR hosts know, I spend the weekend before each Cav "hunting" for interesting/unusual risk-related posts from around the blogosphere. These are often included along with those submitted by our "regulars." Since this is our anniversary edition, though, I'm sticking exclusively with posts submitted by you.
Thank you for a great year!

And now, the 1st Anniversary Cavalcade of Risk:

The title of this post alone earned it top billing here. My Wealth Builder's "Super Saver" explains how asset allocation techniques can help take some of the risk out of retirement planning.
■ Over at the New York Personal Injury Law Blog, Eric Turkewitz tells the tale of an insurance company that wants to settle, and a doctor that doesn’t. The insurer settles anyway. The doctor sues.
■ Hurricane Katrina continues to cause risky ripples. Dr J C, at GNIF Brain Blogger, explores a unique and unusual case involving the failure to evacuate a patient. Was it malpractice, or good medicine?
■ Leon Gettler, blogging at Sox First, says that cross-border fraud is now one of the top 10 business risks, but according to a new study, most companies are not prepared to deal with it.
■ With a subject close to my own heart, Charles H. Green (Trust Matters) avers that systemic insurance fraud won't stop until we make it stop.
■ Bryan Moore, The Financial Whiz, writes about a risk-management approach to investing, using "Hedge Fund" Mutual Funds that are currently available to the small retail investor.
■ Over at the Boston Erisa blog, Stephen Rosenberg examines the roles of risk, liability, and (of all things) climate change. You'd be surprised.
■ HWR regular Jason Shafrin asks "How does insurance company physician reimbursement restrictions affect the cost of influenza vaccinations?" He calls on Adam Smith and Jonas Salk for answers.
■ The Health Business Blog's David Williams has a question, too: Did you know that collaborating with a cardiologist can be like collaborating with a rattlesnake? That's what some radiologists seem to think.
■ Chocolate or vanilla? Ginger or MaryAnne? Stockmarket or Real Estate? In his favorite risk post from the past year, our friend The Silicon Valley Blogger attempts to discern which investment strategy is the better risk. Click to find out.
■ The Cato Institute's always provocative, always interesting, Michael Cannon shares his thoughts on how HSA's (Health Savings Accounts) can be used to help reduce folks' health risks.
■ Julie Ferguson of Workers' Comp Insider takes the industry's pulse to see what lies ahead for employers and insurers. In her post, Julie observes that the worker’s comp market continues to be robust, but there’s still some risky waters ahead.
■ Meanwhile, in her favorite risk post since we started the Cav, Susan Mangiero of Pension Risk Matters highlights a survey indicating that risk still worries some institutional investors.
■ And Jay Norris, over at Colorado Health Insurance Insider, discusses the recent passage of (CO) House Bill 1330, the "second parent adoption bill", the steps Colorado is making to rise above bigotry in the health insurance industry, and what still needs to be done.
■ And finally, here at IB, our own Bob Vineyard has some thoughts on Atlanta’s least favorite lawyer, Andrew Speaker, the erstwhile globe-trotting TB carrier. Bob explores some of the risks Mr S took, as well as those he forced on his fellow passengers.

That about wraps up our First Anniversary Edition. Please join Julie, at Workers Comp Insider, on the 20th for the next star-studded issue.
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