Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Tale of Two Choices

eHealthinsurance is out with its annual report of what premiums are in different cities and they’re still comparing the price of rotten month old apples with sweet juicy, juicy mangoes. And amazingly enough they’re different.

Lies, damn lies & statistics.

Choose your poison.

Of course in practical terms this report is useless. I’m a great example in that I applied for two identical policies from different carriers on eHealthinsurance—both quotes about $100 a month for a $2500 deductible plan. But when the underwriting was done, one was still $100 a month and the other wouldn’t take me at all and suggested I went in the guaranteed issue pool at $400 a month for a $4000 deductible. So quoting price without knowing what the individuals concerned need to go through to get the insurance and therefore knowing the actual price is useless.

This has been said before but it definitely bears repeating.

Rates mean nothing unless you know what the final offer will be.
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