Monday, August 28, 2006

A Rainy Money Monday...

The bad news is, it's gray, wet and ugly here in southwestern Ohio this morning. The good news is that Frugal at My 1st Million (at 33!) is hosting this week's edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. He's collected, collated, and organized almost 50 submissions. Great job!
Mapgirl has a helpful post on how to maximize your doctor's visit. Some is just common sense, of course, but since when is that a bad thing? Seriously, a useful post, check it out.
And clocking in with just shy of 40 posts, the Carnival of the Capitalists is now up, over at Business & Technology Reinvention blog. I like how cleanly and simply it's laid out, with brief summaries of each submission. Well done!
Blogger Vihar Sheth has a thought-provoking post at his Green Rising blog. He discusses a survey of cultures, from all over the worls, and how each one looks at individualism, isolation, long term orientation, and other cultural attributes. Interesting.
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