Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cavalcade of Risk (Debut Edition)

Welcome to the very first Cavalcade of Risk. In keeping with its mission statement, the following entries run the gamut from insurance to finance, taxes, and even murder. Several are from blogs that are new to me, but to whom I gladly say: Glad to meet ya!

And now, on with the show:

It's Just Money

LA Money Guy tells us about two (not so) Golden Gals who weren't relying on Social Security alone. He also raises some pointed questions for insurers.

Trader Knowledge

Knowledgeable Trader Dominic takes a look at momentum trading and how, if properly applied, it can lead to a high probability of financial gain (with low risk).

Jon Swift

Jon asks: "Why should I pay for diseases I'll never get?" A much better system would be to have insurance companies sell insurance for different diseases individually. He avers that a la carte insurance could be applied across the entire industry.

As if worrying about host liquor liability isn't enough, WCI's John Coppelman takes a look at hidden risks in company-sponsored summer outings. Employers beware the $200,000 "umbrella torpedo!"

Wenchypoo's Warehouse

Blogress Wenchypoo (no kidding!) explores the phenomenon of "luxury-creep:" material things once the province of the well-to-do (stainless steel kitchens, SUV's, even polo shirts) are now just everyday items to us peons. But when is enough, enough?

Med Bill Advisor

Why are accurate and current medical records so important? Host Chris Parks explains why they're crucial for our financial health.

Roth & Co

When disaster strikes, our first thoughts aren't necessarily about our tax records. But Joe Kristan has some great tips, and warnings, about the need to safeguard our financial info.

Health business blog

What do tuna fish and tea have in common? David Williams tells us about the potentialy dangerous amounts of mercury in some herbal concoctions.

California Medicine Man

One of my favorite bloggers, Dr John Ford (who posts, IMHO, all too infrequently), has an online debate with the founder of a new diet craze. Interestingly, he's not as concerned about the diet itself, but how it's being "pushed."

Dr Ford's not the only debater in this edition: Cato Institute blogger Michael Cannon dukes it out with Matthew Holt on the merits - and potential downsides - of HSA's (Health Savings Accounts).


Our own Bob Vineyard tells us of his recent epiphany regarding specific-disease policies. Sometimes, even the best health insurance doesn't cover all the potential risks.

The next edition is June 21st, hosted at It's Just Money. Be sure to check the C of R home page, for upcoming hosts.
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