Saturday, June 18, 2011

ObamaWaiver© Mania Waning? [UPDATED & BUMPED]

Maybe so:

"The Obama administration says it will end a controversial health care waiver program in September.

Officials announced Friday that all applications for new waivers and renewals of existing ones have to be in by Sept. 22."

Considering that the program wasn't even in the bill we had to "pass to see what's in it," this is quite an accomplishment.

As it became more and more obvious that these were handed out as door-prizes to favored groups (ahem), it's become an ongoing bone of contention among those of us who, perhaps naively, expect a modicum of transparency and (dare I say it?) fairness in the way laws are implemented.

Of course, this administration has a history of reneging on its promises, so who knows whether or not they'll actually peter out this fall.

Bob Adds [6/18/11]: Check out the number of folks who had their application denied but then received approval on appeal.
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