Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bark, Screech, Yowl!

Try as I might, it's difficult to imagine a more useless, bigger waste of money than auto accident coverage for one's pet:

"(A)n auto insurer's pet-injury coverage typically kicks in if a pet is traveling in your car, is injured in an accident and needs veterinary care."


This is not to be confused with regular ol' pet health insurance, which can help pay more typical veterinary bills. What it reminds me of more than anything is what we used to call "accident plans," which paid a specific sum if one had (for example) a broken arm or the like.

Apparently, this coverage has been available since 2007 for customers of Progressive Insurance, and now Chubb and Arbella Mutual Insurance have introduced their own versions.

The coverage runs about $20 a year for a $500 benefit. Granted, we're not talking big bucks here, but this seems like a colossal waste of a double-sawbuck.

Unless, of course:

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