Monday, September 14, 2020

More on Our Dear Friend Henry G. (Hank) Stern

In reviewing comments in last weeks "tribute" post to Hank I noticed one with a link. Often "link" comments are suspect as spam, but this one definitely is not.

Following the excerpt you will see a link to Greg Fann's original post. I suggest you read the post, along with the comments. Hank touched the lives of so many people in different ways. It seems impossible there was enough of him to go around, but apparently there was just barely enough.

The Loss of an ACA Voice: A Tribute to Henry Stern

“Your cold, hard facts frighten and confuse me”, he would often respond. I always took those words as an approving “job well done” complement, and presumed they were a recognition of objective truth being transparently communicated in a sea of contrary opinion narratives intended to confuse the masses; just as he liked it. Most of our correspondence was about improving the dynamics in the individual health insurance market. We shared a passion of making insurance markets work and advocating for transparency and optimal options for consumers. We encouraged each other and made each other better. We exchanged a few emails and introduced some business connections, but most of our relationship was over Twitter. We never met or spoke on the phone, but Henry was a friend.

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I leave you with one of Hank's recent FB posts. A good illustration of his sometimes off-the-wall sense of humor.

If you don't get it, use ASL to ask someone to explain it to you.

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