Monday, August 03, 2020

Oh what a tangled web

Our friend Jeff M sent along this (poorly written) article about the sometimes duplicitous world of reinsurance:

"A businessman and political donor ... has been sued by Universal Life Insurance Company (ULICO) over a personal guaranty Lindberg made to back PB Life and Annuity Company."

It appears that the companies had come together to form a reinsurance agreement (this is essentially a contract that helps minimize risks that carriers take on, more here). and it seems that one of the parties has been ... negligent ... in holding up his end:

"ULICO alleged that PB Life was not in compliance with the reinsurance agreement because 65% of the investments of the trust fund were in loan obligations to affiliates of PB Life which exceeded the threshold of 10% established by the insurance code."

As FoIB (and extremely knowledgeable carrier rep) Brian D explains:

"This guy doesn’t stand a chance.  PB Life is out of compliance.  The worst part of this (agreed it’s a poorly written) story is what Lindberg’s connection is to PB Life and why he would ever personally guarantee a loan of that size.  Seems ridiculous.  But as a reinsurance entity, you cannot have 65% of your assets in loan obligations.  Not in this economy.  That is insane."

Oh, I think we can tell right away why Mr Lindberg agreed to underwrite this out of pocket.

Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Stay tuned....
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