Thursday, June 11, 2020

Outstanding Vendor Service

My better half has a rather long commute to and from work, most of which is highway miles. As one might imagine, this has resulted in quite a few little chips and dings on her car's hood; last year some gravel really did quite the number on it, and we finally got around this year to having that fixed.

(We went the self-pay route on this, since it was fairly minor and it didn't seem prudent to file an insurance claim)

After getting a couple estimates from local body shops, we selected the Collision Center of Dayton.

Why them?

Well, primarily because Marty (the manager, who also did the estimate) just struck me as a genuinely honest and helpful person. He stressed how important it was that the newly-painted hood match up with the fenders (which were *not* being re-painted), and he spoke about how his "paint guy" was one of the best in the business at this sort of thing.

It also didn't hurt that his estimate was about 20% lower than the other fellows (for the same exact job).

And I also liked that he made a point at the initial appointment that, no matter who did the work, we should follow up in a month or so with a plastic shield (from another vendor altogether) to prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

We dropped her car off on Tuesday morning, assuming it'd be available for pickup this afternoon. But they actually called yesterday about noon to let me know that the car was done. Wow!

So we drove over, and the car looked beautiful, there was literally no indication that it had ever been damaged. Which was what we were promised, and they delivered. But what really stood out was something very small, but tells you everything you need to know about the pride they take in making their customers feel special: they had also cleaned the inside of her car.

We would never have expected that, and it just underscores the value they place in providing excellent customer service.

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