Wednesday, June 24, 2020

*Another* oustanding customer service experience

Here's a tip: if you're going to use your cell phone to time the burgers on your grill, best practices dictate that you remember to bring it back into the house with you when they're done.

Especially if there's rain in the forecast.

So I awoke Monday morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and reached for my cell phone.

Which was not where it was supposed to be.

I eventually found it next to (you guessed it) the still-open grill. Hit it with the compressed air and threw it in rice, and hoped for the best. Twenty-four hours later it turned on, and I could access notes, calendar and contacts, but couldn't charge (and thus couldn't back up) [ed: and please don't get me started on The Cloud]. My better half suggested that I call the folks at Batteries+ (which also does some cell phone repair work). After asking me some questions, they referred me to Gem City Digital (a few miles up the road). I called Gem City, described the issues, and they said "bring it on in, we have a $30 service where we take it apart, dry it out, repair any water damage and try to fix the problem. And if we can't, well, it's only $30 [which is a fair cop], And no, you don't need an appointment."


So I headed on over, they took the phone to their workshop, and a few minutes later told me that they couldn't find any water or water damage. but that the charging port seemed to be the culprit. They hooked up a new one to check that theory, and a short time later reported that the phone was indeed charging. I asked about the cost and they said $45, which seemed more than reasonable to me.

So, a few minutes later they were ringing me up, and said the charge was $48.

Wait, what? Shouldn't that be $78 ($30 service charge plus $45 for the new charging port and tax)? "Nope, $48 is what we think is fair."

And they didn't even have a tip jar!

Highly recommended.
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