Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Promises Broken: TomTom edition

On the one hand, we had a pretty good experience with the TomTom folks a few years back:

"Over the next few days, I called tech support a number of times, and they could not have been more helpful, professional or courteous."

But that was then, and this is now; via email from "Dave @ TomTom" (likely not his real name):

"Hi there,

We have been trying to contact you [ED: NO, THEY HAVEN'T] about the end of product support for your TomTom XL IQR.

The last compatible map update for your TomTom XL IQR was released around 09/01/2018, which means your current map might be 26 months old, missing 9 map updates. Therefore, me and my colleagues here highly recommend to no longer use your beloved TomTom XL IQRand consider replacing your device

[ed: 'me and my colleagues.' Ever heard of Grammarly®, Dave?]

I replied:

"So the contractual obligation that comes with Lifetime Map Updates (see attached) is meaningless?"


Why the heck would I ever consider buying another product from you?


Naturally, that email bounced:

"Thank you for contacting TomTom Customer Care. Unfortunately we are unable to respond to any messages sent to this email address."

Because of course it did.

So, I've taken this public, in the hopes of helping others avoid my fate by purchasing a product with explicit features and promises that the company can arbitrarily decide to cease providing.


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