Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Laundry time (Again)

So, another two years has rolled by, and it's time to re-certify for Anti-Money Laundering. This entails a brief, but silly, online course about the perils and pitfalls, Red Flags and Due Diligence as a result of the USA Patriot Act and our government's concern about money laundering and identity theft.

Or, as a good friend puts it, a very helpful "How To" guide on the subject.

Last time out, I remarked on the apparent xenophobia suffered by the good folks who wrote the course.

This time, it's a different (but oh so timely!) political cynicism:"

"Enhanced Due Diligence

A client’s location, affiliation, or type of business may raise red flags that indicate a need for increased scrutiny. For example, regulators have identified senior political figures as individuals that require greater due diligence. This enhanced due diligence will be conducted by the carrier


[Emphasis added]
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