Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Anthem & CV-19

As noted yesterday, Medical Mutual of Oho seems to be the first (and thus far only) carrier to address the question of group plans and continued eligibility:

"If one person remains employed by the company and covered by the plan, e.g. the owner or a management employee, the company can continue to cover laid-off employees as long as premium is paid."

We did receive an email from UHC announcing a conference cll on the current situation, but thus far have received no written guidelines.

And Anthem just sent this:

"As our communities work through these challenging and uncertain times, our commitment to our customers and the health and safety of our communities remains our focus."

They went on to identify all the processes they've put in place regarding social distancing and the like, but nary a word on what employees (and employees) mare supposed to be doing if their company is (temporarily) shuttered.

It seems to me that these carriers have had sufficient time to craft and disseminate a policy on this, and I'm keenly disappointed that only one has seen fit to do so.

Again, we'll keep updating as appropriate.
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