Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Brilliant* Carrier Tricks

*For certain values of "Brilliant:"

So I recently submitted an app with a (relatively-new-to-me) carrier for a small case that seemed like a good fit. My client (whom we'll call Suzy) is a very sweet, mild-spoken woman in her late 60's, looking to make sure that, when the time comes, her final expenses won't be a burden for her children.

Okay, no worries: rate calculated, app competed and submitted, now just wait for approval.

Except I receive this in email this morning:

The above mentioned application has been received; however, processing cannot continue until the following items are received:

  • Cover Memo: Please see attached, complete and return.

  • Premium Verification:  The application quoted a premium of $49.89; however, we have calculated the premium at $86.52. Our calculation was based upon a 69/Male/non-tobacco/Premier/$10,000. Unfortunately, this difference in premium is significant and we are unable to draft without written consent of the policy owner and payor. If not received prior to policy issue, the needed premium will be requested upon delivery of the policy contract.

Perhaps it wasn't quote clear on the app?


[click to embiggen]


I immediately notified them of their (egregious, obvious) error (there may or may not have been some snark involved) and will breathlessly*  await their reply.

(*Full Disclosure: I will not, in fact, be holding my breath)
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