Wednesday, February 19, 2020

AussieCare© FTW

We haven't written a lot about health care Down Under (most recently here), so a short recap seems in order:

"Medicare is the publicly funded universal health care insurance scheme in Australia operated by Services Australia. Medicare is the main source of payment of health care in Australia"

As here, some care is financed by private insurance, but most is paid for by the Australian taxpayer through the country's Medicare program.

As with all such schemes, this involves rationing, in this case of essential primary health services. As FoIB Holly R alerts us, this can spell special trouble for at-risk women:

"Canberra women awaiting crucial genetic information left in limbo as BRCA breast cancer test waitlist blows out to 12 months."

Again we see rationing in the form of time management; that is, it's obvious that the philosophy is that, by making patients wait long enough, some (many?) will die before services are actually rendered.

Or, for the more right-brained among us:
[click to embiggen]

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