Friday, January 03, 2020


An article in the Daily Mail caught my attention with the headline:

This is the “offending” portion of the ad:

The advert posted by Ascend Medical Staffing said: 'Tough facility; medical staff must have back bone and be diplomatic, excellent customer service skills. Women don't do well here.'

While civilians may be outraged by this ad, this is the ad that EVERY Medical Practice Manager wants to place. The reality is that medical facilities and offices are “den[s]of scum and villainy”. Medical staff are often mean to other staff. Tears are very common among staff in medical facilities brought on by other staff and doctors.

As a Manager I have had the F-bomb dropped on me by Doctors, I have had staff and employed Doctors work behind the scenes to sabotage me, I have been called vulgar names by patients and if I had a nickel for every patient that threatened to sue me I could retire.

I salute whoever had the balls to write this ad, as I am sure this was their parting shot as they exited this facility.

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