Monday, January 27, 2020

Carrier kudos: GR/UHC edition

About 15 years ago, I wrote a Golden Rule (now UHC) Medicare Supplement policy on a nice lady, who subsequently suffered a fairly significant stroke, and whose daughter called me this morning with the sad news that her mother had passed away on the 15th. She had received the quarterly billing statement that would be due early next month, and needed advice on how to handle this.

My initial counsel was to simply write "Virginia passed on [DATE], please cancel as of that date" and send it in.

But on further reflection, it occurred to me that she would most likely be due a partial refund, and of course there would likely be some claims still pending.

So, I told the daughter to stand by, and that I would call her back after I'd had a chance to speak with the Home Office. After a brief hold, Elandra asked how she could help, and I explained our concerns to her. After she'd had an opportunity to confirm with her supervisor, she told me that everything was taken care of, the daughter would be receiving a partial refund (for premiums paid forward) and that she could disregard the bill, and that the folks at Golden Rule were sorry for her loss.

No additional paperwork, forms or death certificates necessary.

I am so impressed with how this was handled: professionally, courteously, compassionately and easily.

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