Friday, December 06, 2019

Is this the "Next Big Thing?"

Probably not, but still very promising:

Regular readers will be familiar with Dr Rob, one of the pioneers of the Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice model. As the video explains, he's expanded the practice to include family medicine and even an obesity focused doc. As always, we wish Dr Rob the greatest success, and are delighted that he's taken this to the next level.

Oh, you wondered why I said it's probably not "the next big thing?" Well, for starters, lacking availability of true catastrophic health insurance plans (which are illegal under ObamaCare), folks still need to have some kind of insurance coverage for big ticket items, which means double coverage.

For another, DPC proponents decry the lack of choice offered by narrow networks (now the norm), but this seems to me to be the epitome of such.

I do like that they're looking beyond the scope of individual subscriptions ("retail") and seeking to partner with employers. The issue there, of course, is capacity and scalability. Will be fascinating to see this develop.
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