Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Google vs Privacy

"I'm the Google whistleblower. The medical data of millions of Americans is at risk - Anonymous"



"I didn’t decide to blow the whistle on Google’s deal, known internally as the Nightingale Project, glibly. The decision came to me slowly, creeping on me through my day-to-day work as one of about 250 people in Google and Ascension working on the project."

The challenge, of course, is how we define privacy these days. As co-blogger Kelley recently pointed out about this very story:

"In America only one State (New Hampshire) stipulates in its laws that the patient owns information in the medical record. In all other States it either stipulates that the Provider (Hospital and/or Physician) owns the medical record or there is not such stipulation."

And when we use devices, we've given explicit permission about what the folks on the other end may do with it.

From 4 years ago:

"[I]f a person receives a wearable device through their hospital or doctor, the healthcare data that device collects is covered by HIPAA. At least, the data HIPAA defines as protected healthcare information (PHI) is safeguarded."

And we've seen how well that's worked out.

[Hat Tip: FoIB Shari G]
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