Thursday, October 03, 2019

From the 'Stuff Happens' files: Timing is everything

For once this is really just one of those unhappy coincidence type stories, but it's a good illustration of how things outside of our control can have a big impact.

Got a call this morning from the admin for one of my group clients. She told me that "Larry" had initially waived coverage on their plan because he was covered under his spouse's employer's group plan. Okay, no big deal, how may I be of assistance?

Well, seems that Larry's wife took a new job, and this one doesn't offer spousal coverage at all. So, can he still get on their plan, or must he wait for Open Enrollment?

The good news is that losing coverage is a "trigger" for enrolling on his employer's plan, so no worries. Here's the kicker: his termination from the wife's plan isn't until the end of November.

The reason this is such a big deal is that it means that he'll be (potentially) subject to 3 deductibles in 32 days: his 2019 deductible for his current coverage until November 30th, then his own group's 2019 deductible for December, and then his group's 2020 deductible come January 1.


Now granted, the odds of him having to satisfy all of these in essentially a month's time is pretty slim, but I'd be taking a lot of time off and staying in bed.
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