Thursday, September 26, 2019

Small Group Renewals, ACA, and (False) Promises

Remember this?

Well, that was the promise, anyway. But how is that actually panning out?

Turns out, we have independent, verifiable facts that paint a very different picture.

I'm fortunate to have a number of so-called Grandmothered/Grandfathered small group clients. These are plans that are largely unaffected by various ObamaCare rules and regs, and so provide a clear picture of how small employers are being crushed under those regs.

Here's one such group's actual 2020 renewal:

So, less than 4% increase, reflecting the ever-increasing cost of health care.

Now let's see what would happen if they opt to switch over to a comparable, fully ACA-compliant plan: 

Yes, you're seeing that correctly: an almost 100% rate increase, merely for adding a few bells and whistles.

That's the real cost of Obamacare.

So tell me more about this promise....

[Hat Tip: FoIB Beth D]
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