Thursday, August 15, 2019

More face-palming?

Oh yeah:

So what does this mean, exactly?


ACA-compliant plans have certain features and rules, one of which is that chronic care can't be considered a first-dollar expense. That is, unlike, say, a routine physical, chronic expenses must first be applied to one's deductible and co-insurance (if any). Turns out that a lot of folks who actually suffer from these issues would like relief from this requirement.

This becomes a problem for HSA policy holders, because doing that would render their plans non-compliant (and result in all kinds of nasty consequences). And so, the generous folks at the IRS have issued a ruling that reverses (or negates) that, and specifically allows such plans to cover some chronic expenses "first dollar."

Which is nice, but just as insurancecare, coverage ≠  "free."


Well, according to the folks at Snell & Wilmer, this notice now provides "free preventive care for certain chronic conditions."


And how do the physicians who actually provide it feel about working gratis?

And then this little gem:

"Employers that want to take advantage of these new rules may need to adopt plan amendments and prepare employee communications explaining the new rules."

Oh, because compliance is already such a bargain; I'm sure they're just chompin' at the bit.
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