Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Medicare Questions You Never Asked

Medicare questions you never asked (because there are things no one ever told you about). Don't you hate it when you buy something and then find out it didn't work as promised? Some things can be returned for a refund.

Others cannot . . .

Your Medicare plan is one of those things. Easy to get into at age 65. But you could run into a roadblock if you later have buyer's remorse.

Gary is a friend and is learning about Medicare the hard way. Gary is just now learning prior authorization.

Before he can have a test ordered by his doctor, the carrier must APPROVE the test. It’s all about the money.

His oncologist wants him to have proton therapy but his plan will only pay for a less expensive protocol. Dollars drive many medical decisions when an insurance carrier controls your benefits.

Proton Therapy – It Helps Only a Few at a Wildly Extravagant CostMedPage Today

All he wants to do is get well but his Advantage plan is running interference. His carrier is interested in saving money. THEIR money. Not his.

It’s all about the dollars. Just another Medicare thing he did not know.

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