Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday Transparency

Price transparency in health care has long been a recurring theme here at IB, going back to our earliest days:

"Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Dr Dexter Campinha-Bacote, Aetna Medical Director. He’s the “go to guy” for Aetna’s new transparency pilot program ... employers asked Aetna to develop tools that their employees could use to make “better informed decisions.” One of these tools is the pilot transparency program."

But we also know that for transparency to work, there has to be buy-in from health care providers, as well. And so:

"Makary is part of a movement of medical professionals who want healthcare to reflect the free market, with transparent pricing and clear information on quality, allowing patients to decide which entities succeed and fail, rather than the insurance companies"

The Free Market Medical Association (FMMA) now boasts over 20 chapters nationwide, and now offers "an online pricing tool where patients can find prices and quality information for cash pay physicians."

That last bit is important: I've never had a client ask about how to find the cheapest brain surgeon.

Pretty cool.

[Hat Tip: Brandon Dutcher]
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