Wednesday, May 08, 2019

The Best/Worst Part

I've noted before that the death claim process marks the final part of the promise I made to my client when I sold him (or, of course, her) a life insurance policy:

"There is really nothing remarkable about this process; after all, everything went as it should ... And yet, there is everything remarkable about it: over the years, George paid in several thousand dollars in premiums, a mere fraction of what his widow will receive ... And in a week or so, I will be the only person in his widow's life who will be giving her money."

This was the culmination of the process, wherein I got to keep my promise to George. It is at once the worst part of my job (losing a client) and the best (bringing a check).

Yesterday, I learned of the recent death of another client: Bob had some medical issues, and was far from a spring chicken, but he was a patient, kind and friendly gent, with a ready smile and a quick wit. When we met back in '15, he said that he wanted to take care of his (much younger) wife should he pass away. His health precluded a "regular" underwritten plan, so we chose a Guaranteed Issue one from the wonderful folks at Gleaner Life. This underwriting process asked only for a pulse and a check, but had very limited death benefits for the first two years.

Since it's now 4 years later, no such restrictions apply, and so Beth will soon be receiving a check for $25,000.

Out of the blue.


Well, it turns out that Bob had chosen not to tell her about his purchase, and she only figured it out going through some of his paperwork and finding the policy and my card. So I was fortunate to provide a substantial, and welcome, surprise.

Feelin' pretty good 'bout that.
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