Thursday, May 23, 2019

Gleaner Life: "Give and Grow" 2019

We've mentioned before how Gleaner Life gives back to its community of policyholders and their families:

"These "Give and Grow Grants" put real dollars directly into the hands of folks who want to help "to improve their communities through volunteer service projects."

Well, they've just announced this year's recipients, all 100 of them (Wow!), will split almost a quarter of a million dollars to help with college (and/or other post-secondary) education expenses.

The competition is available to Gleaner life clients and their families, and:
Applicants are scored individually in six basic areas:

1. Academic record
2. Leadership
3. Quality of activities and community involvement
4. Letters of recommendation
5. Explanation of financial need
6. Overall quality and completion of the application
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