Friday, May 03, 2019

Friday LinkFest: International Edition

As we see the effort to implement Medicaid For All (M4A) continue ramping up, it may be instructive to see how well the concept works in the real world. Case in point: Singapore. As Ari Armstrong explains:

"Singapore has a mixed system, with both public and private components. But “the government holds the cards” ... the government strictly regulates what technology is available in the country and where."

It's the ultimate exemplar of "who pays the piper calls the tune."


Meanwhile, Sally Pipes reports on Our Neighbors To the North, specifically the folks n Nova Scotia:

"A mother in Nova Scotia living with cancer is challenging Premier Stephen McNeil to meet with her after a years-long battle with the province's health-care system."

*This* is the face of government-run health "care:"

Finally, some good news on the health/culinary front, courtesy of FoIB Holly R:

"When restaurants across America put signs in their windows vowing never to use your company's flagship product, you might have a problem."

For many years now, we've been been warned to stay away from MSG.  But that may have been a mistake:

"[X]enophobia, not science, explains the initial anti-MSG push a half-century ago that lingers today despite no definitive evidence that MSG causes sickness in humans."

Bon appetit!
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