Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Hungary in line [UPDATED]

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We often post about these things in England and Canada, maybe Sweden, but this marks the first time we've blogged on the (troubled) Hungarian health care system:

By way of background:

Talk about double-billing.

And for all that, they still can't provide timely care to their citizens, many of whom actually have to wait years for necessary surgery and other services. The truth is that, as with ObamaCare, coverage ≠ care.


UPDATE: Speaking of England (see top of post), here's more devastating info from its Much Vaunted National Health Service©:

"Tens of thousands of elderly people in UK are left struggling to see because of NHS cost-cutting drive that relies on them dying before they can qualify for cataract surgery"

I see.

[Hat Tip: Holly R]
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