Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Here's to your embargo

We occasionally get "Embargoed" news releases from various sources, none of which are very interesting, but all of which apparently presume that we are obligated to honor the "embargo."

Today was no exception, and I'm taking this opportunity to flout it.

And by no exception, I mean that I've been told that this is "embargoed" and I can see that it's not terribly interesting. So I'll spare the details and just break the "embargo" thusly:

"Given your interest in climate change, I want to offer you the following statement from JupiterIntelligence in support of tomorrow's release of a new report by the Independent Advisory Committee on Applied Climate Assessment: EvaluatingKnowledge to Support Climate Change."

Now, I have no idea how these folks determined that we have any interest in "climate change," since it's not an insurable risk (AFAIK). But if you're really interested in the report, it's available here.

That is all.
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