Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Am I Missing Something?

Entirely possible, of course. Our friend Holly R sent us the link to this story:
'Small Businesses Could See Employees' Health Claims under SB9
Business owners with less than 100 workers would be allowed to see data on employees' health claims under SB9 (M. Huffman), with identifying information made anonymous, which could improve their bargaining position with insurance companies, Cleveland.com reports. The bill passed the Senate last week.'

While this is interesting, I'm trying to figure out the point:

After all, for ACA-compliant small group plans, we have the wonderful Community Rating system whereby the overall health of the group (or its individual employees) is irrelevant.

And self-funded and AHP/MEWA-type plans are fully underwritten, so carriers get fresh, up-to-date medical info on everyone.

And since these plans tend to be "off the shelf" anyway, what possible "leverage" would a given employer actually have, with or without this information?

'Tis a puzzler.
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